First concept. Then, design.

Before dreaming up design concepts, color palettes or moodboards, I always start each project with an evaluation of the brand. When I work with a clear understanding of what the brand is, I can align my vision with the company’s values. This sets the tone for the entire process, and is something I reference frequently throughout each stage.




AT&T Father’s Day Promo Brainstorming 
After the creative brief, I start to draw and brainstorm. Here is an example of color theory and composition sketching.


Wireframe sketch for landing page
This was created for a personal project.


AT&T Mover’s Checklist Wireframe
In May, I worked on the Mover’s checklist for Here is a rough sketch of a wireframe for the entire page.


Luminex Tradeshow Sketch
Here are a few brainstorming sketches for a booth I created for Luminex. The last sketch was the winning idea for the final execution.


Dell Customer Spotlight Wireframe
Here is a wireframe for a customer review section for


Dell Product Comparison Wireframe
Here is a wireframe for a product comparison section for


Dell Reviews Collection Wireframe
Here is a wireframe I created for the reviews collection section for


Dell Carousel Wireframe
Here is a wireframe I created for carousels for

I became a designer because I love all things digital.

I have worked for large and small clients in the Austin area for the past 8 years. I have won 2 major awards while my time at Luminex that involved
leadership and team work. I consider myself a great team player who is always seeking to learn and excel my skills.

Interested? Let’s connect.

If you love design as much as me, or if you need help with a project, please feel free to reach out to me regarding your project. I am always taking new clients and currently open to new long-term and short-term projects. Thank you for taking the time to view my work and getting to know me. Cheers!